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A Preview of Path of Exile 3.11.1 Update Patch Notes

Path of Exile Harvest has launched for a couple of days. To make it more attractive and playable to all Path of Exile players, GGG has collected feedbacks from players through the whole Internet and made improvements to the latest expansion. Here is what you should know.

Harvest Improvements
Tier 2, Tier 3, Tier 4 and the Heart of the Grove monsters and bosses now have a chance based on their rarity, with higher-tier seeds having a higher chance, to drop a new plantable “seed”. This can be placed in the Sacred Grove and will affect planted seeds around it, granting nearby seeds additional properties on being Harvested.
The area around the entrance portal in the Sacred Grove now has stairs, creating 180 degrees of pathway.
Storage Tanks are now unlocked when your Raw Lifeforce plus any additional Condensed Lifeforce exceeds 250.
Added a confirmation warning when attempting to uproot fully-grown Tier 1 seeds as well as Tier 2 or higher seeds with any growth.
Adjusted the colours of planted seeds and Harvest art assets to help better distinguish them from one another.
Added text hovers over various Harvest Infrastructure to more clearly display what it is connected to.
Your progress towards respawning the Heart of the Grove in the Sacred Grove is now displayed in the Sacred Grove. Namharim, Born of Night now becomes invisible during its Prowl skill.
Added additional preloading for the Tier 4 Harvest bosses and Heart of the Grove.
Fixed a bug where the Tier 4 Harvest Bosses could endlessly spawn monsters during their immobile phase.
Fixed a bug where the displayed number of seeds in your Seed Stockpile didn’t update correctly after auto-planting seeds.
Fixed a bug where Oshabi could say multiple voice lines at once when auto-planting large amounts of seeds.
Fixed a bug where the Horticrafting Station’s minimap icon was visible from outside the Sacred Grove.
Fixed a bug where the Sacred Grove had the wrong icon in the World Map information panel.

Harvest Crafting Improvements
The growth times of Tier 1 seeds is now uniformly 3 growth cycles, with the exception of the rarest seeds: Wild Hatchling Seed, Vivid Thornweaver Seed and Primal Cleaveling Seed.
The “Exchange a Resonator for a Fossil or vice versa. Rare outcomes are more likely with rare inputs” Harvest craft is now much more likely to give rarer outcomes based on rarer inputs. Harvest Crafts can no longer be used on Itemised Beasts.
The use of the “Reforge a Rare item with Lucky modifier values, keeping all Prefixes (or Suffixes)” Harvest Craft is now prevented if it will be unable to change any modifiers.
Fixed a bug where the Scarab Harvest Crafts would consume a stack of Scarabs if that was the input, rather than just a single Scarab.
Fixed a bug where the “Sacrifice a Weapon or Armour to create a Ring with similar modifiers” Harvest Craft instead created an Amulet.
Fixed a bug where destroying a stored craft from the Horticrafting Station prevented further use of a connected Collector for Harvest Crafts.
Fixed a bug where the ‘Change a Divination Card into another random Divination Card’ didn’t work if a stack of Divination Cards was used. It will now just remove a single card from the stack and give you a random Divination Card.
Fixed a bug where the Harvest Crafts which changed a modifier from one element to another didn’t work on modifiers that were the first explicit modifier on an item.

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Escape from Tarkov is a massive multiplayer online combat simulator with RPG elements developed by Russian Saint-Petersburg-based game developer, Battlestate Games. Set in the fictional Norvinsk region located on the frontier between Russia and Europe, the metropolis of Tarkov was plunged into anarchy thanks to the Contract Wars. What was once a bustling city, is now roamed by rivalling scavenger gangs, former private military forces, and black ops units. Between them all, there’s you, your stash, and the escape back to the free world from the depths of Tarkov.

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A Virtual KFC Fast Food Island Available in Animal Crossing New Horizons 

According to a post on Twitter by KFC Philippines, a cute KFC restaurant is available in Animal Crossing New Horizons. The virtual restaurant is equipped with red and white booths and chairs, a checkout counter, menus, a buffet and tiny buckets of fried chicken.

Moreover, the island of KFC in Animal Crossing New Horizons contains lots of walkable paths for players to explore. Beside the island, there are beautiful flowers, trees, grass and moving waterfalls. Animal Crossing players also have a chance to win a real-life bucket of chicken by locating the whereabouts of Colonel Sanders on the island. Players have to wait for the invite link to appear on KFC Philippines’ social media accounts before they can go on the hunt. However, the free chicken is only available from June 17 to June 22 at KFC restaurants in the Philippines.

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