Progression and Account Linking

• You can now link each platform you play Rocket League to one Epic Games Account to share progression, inventory, Rocket Pass progress, Competitive Rank, and more everywhere you play.

• For progression data, you’ll select a Primary Platform to progress everywhere. If you’re Level 1000 and Champion II on PC, and Level 500 and Diamond III on your console, you’ll want to select your PC profile as your Primary.

• We strongly recommend you link every account you play at an equivalent time so you’ll make an informed choice when selecting your Primary Platform.

• For more information, please read our blog post on Cross-Platform Progression.

• Players who linked their existing Rocket League platforms to an Epic Games Account also will receive the ‘Chopper EG’ Wheels.

Player-to-Player Trading

• Trading with another player now requires a linked Epic Games Account.

• Trading with another player now requires both accounts to possess purchased 500 Rocket League Credits or equivalent (Esports Tokens, Starter Pack, etc.) to discourage fraud.


• Players new Rocket League with this update will see a replacement interactive intro cinematic, also as special guidance when navigating the in-game menus.

• New players will be got to reach Level 10 before they will matchmake in Competitive Playlists.

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How To Get Tree’s Bounty DIY Recipes Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The best tip to gather as many recipes as you’ll is to essentially farm the balloons during a balloon hunt and shoot down every single one. To try to to this all you’ve got to try to to is lollygag around on your beach running up and down and just wait a balloon should spawn into our islands every five minutes. If you are doing a spot of fishing or something like that you’re going to collect a bunch of presents in no time and that they may contain new recipes.

If for a few reason a balloon isn’t spawning in, there’s a trick that permits you to force a replacement one to spawn by heading into Nook’s Cranny and selling something before heading back to the beach at which point a replacement balloon will spawn in on subsequent available 5 minute slot. There is a 15% chance each balloon will contain a seasonal DIY recipe. So if you’re lucky enough you’ll even find all of them over a few of days.

These seasonal DIY recipes also can be found within the message bottles that ruin on our beaches, so make certain to seek out a minimum of one a day.

Furthermore, if you happen to possess a bunch of spare Nook Miles Ticket, make certain to go on a couple of island tours because there’s around a 50% chance additional bottles are often found on island tours.

Any other profiles or secondary residents who also survive your island also can find their own balloons and bottles, so make certain to use them to seek out any extras.

Same with many video games, items are of great significance and that they are often wont to build a robust character and gain an honest gameplay experience. the things in Animal Crossing: New Horizons are divided into categories like Tools, Theme, Plant, Model, Materials, Furniture, Fossil, Decoration, Clothing, Apparel and more items. If you would like to travel further within the game, you’re required to gather Animal Crossing Items. Yet, it’s tough to urge all items you would like. once you are uninterested in doing the boring work, you’ll come to A spread of things are offered on our site for you to settle on, so you’ll purchase what you would like fast and simply.

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How to Get Escape from Tarkov Money with Little Effort

Money is important in both real life and video games. There are plenty of methods that can be used to make money. All of them are viable as long as you are getting profit; however, some of them will be more profitable or enjoyable than others.

If you are looking to make more money in Escape from Tarkov, there are a few things that you need to know. For starters, you should sell to the Therapist initially. This is because she will offer you the best prices for items that don’t relate to weaponry. This includes food, water, meds, mechanical items, dog tags and technical items.

Afterwards, you should try selling to Skier since he’ll pay the second-best prices. He does not buy whole-guns, but you can go ahead and dissemble the weapon and then sell it in parts.If he doesn’t buy something, you should sell that off to Prapor, since you’ll have to level him up for early quests as well.

Playing on Interchange Map
Interchange is one of the most loot-rich maps in Escape from Tarkov that doesn’t require specific keys to access most of its contents. Unlike Shoreline, Labs, Reserve, and Customs, you will be able to access almost all of the places on the map for free. AI also seems to be easier in this one than it is on the Labs or Reserve, so this is also an excellent place to begin as a new player.

Looting Azure Coast
The next method on the list does require an initial investment. Shoreline, just like every other map, has the loot scattered around various places, but items that lay on the random spots are not an interest for you if you want to make a good amount of profit on this map. Most of the Tarkov players know that the house on the hill (“Azure Coast” health resort) holds the best loot in the game – if you can access all of the rooms, that is. Some of them have to be unlocked by the special keys that you can get either from the market, from random spawns on the map, or from looting enemy corpses.

Scav Runs
As a SCAV, you gain a risk-free attempt at making money. Focus on gathering loot and avoiding fights during gameplay. Items like Room Key or Dog Tags take small amounts of inventory space and can be sold for a fair price, so make sure to pick them up. Fill up your bags with loot like knives, stackable bags, and vests. If you are looking for an excellent place to go to as a SCAV, you might try the Shoreline map. After you spawn rush towards the extract point, collecting all of the Military Crates on your way. Another fine place is Interchange. Avoid both close and long-range combats and play passively to escape with loot unseen.

Flipping is the basic capitalistic strategy that relies on making a profit from buying products at low prices from the Flea Market and selling them for more. As for the requirements, you will need some investment in the form of cash or items. It would also be good to have all of the Level 2 traders unlocked since this will allow you to trade more goods and make a better profit from them.

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New Deep-Sea Creatures Coming in September in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons is continuing to be a hit in 2020. Since release in March 2020, it has been played by millions of players all over the world and become a hot topic among them this year.

In each month, there are a few new things added to Animal Crossing New Horizons. This article introduces to you new deep-sea creatures coming in September. As we all know, the developer launched two waves of the summer update in the game and introduced swimming, diving and deep-sea creatures. The deep-sea creatures excite players because they enrich their collection.

At present, there are 40 deep-sea creatures available in the game. Of these, 27 can be caught in the Northern hemisphere, with 5 new additions in September. In the Southern hemisphere, players can catch 21, with 5 new additions in September as well. Here is a list of new deep-sea creatures coming in September.

New Sea Creatures Coming to the Northern Hemisphere in September
Chambered Nautilus
Turban Shell
Umbrella Octopus
Sweet Shrimp

New Sea Creatures Coming to the Northern Hemisphere in September
Chambered Nautilus
Turban Shell
Umbrella Octopus
Spider Crab
Firefly Squid

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New September Fish and Bugs in Animal Crossing New Horizons

As the new month is coming, there are some new fish and bugs in Animal Crossing New Horizons in September. Here is a list of the new fish and bugs coming in September for your reference.

New Fish and Bugs for Northern Hemisphere in September
Cherry Salmon
Golden Trout
King Salmon
Mitten Crab
Common Butterfly
Common Butterfly
Yellow Butterfly
Monarch Butterfly
Bell Cricket
Red Dragonfly
Violin Beetle
Pill Bug

New Fish and Bugs for Southern Hemisphere in September
Cherry Salmon
Golden Trout
Barred Knifejaw
Yellow Butterfly
Tiger Butterfly
Peacock Butterfly
Orchid Mantis
Man-Faced Stink Bug

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