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Online Login Issues Hit Rocket League – Make Rocket League Players Anxious

Rocket League has always been one of the best video games in the hearts of its players. The developer has really done brilliant work by taking the amazing idea of car soccer and making it a hotspot for esports. However, owing to an issue with login, Rocket League was down for many users in the past few hours. Lots of players have reported the issue on the main social media like twitter and reddit.

Tons of players guess that the issue is connected with Rocket League servers. Such an issue does not happen often since the release of Rocket League. It is an awesome game for players to play for the most part, but since Psyonix sold their soul to the devil Epic, it seems that the servers have been gradually getting worse. In the past couple of months, it has been happening once or twice every month, which is pretty annoying.

However, Psyonix has never let players down with its quick response. It took them only an hour to fix this issue. Currently, everything is okay and players can continue to enjoy Rocket League in any way you like. They launched a post on twitter, saying “Online access has been fully restored. We will continue to closely monitor the situation, and update here if anything changes.”

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GGG Revealed a Preview of Path of Exile 3.10.1D Update

It is exciting that a new patch 3.10.1d is going to be deployed in Path of Exile this week. To make all players know what the patch is about, GGG has released the full patch notes of this update. According to this preview, this update is a small one which contains some bug fixes and small performance improvements. Here are the full patch notes of this update.

Delirium Improvements
Pure Guile and Pure Aptitude can now be rolled on Aura Cluster Jewels.
Fixed a bug preventing the Bloodscent Cluster Jewel passive from working if you were using it in combination with Rage Support.
Fixed a bug where Immortal Call didn’t count as a Non-Vaal Guard Skill for the sake of the Veteran’s Awareness Cluster Jewel keystone passive.
Fixed a bug where The Mayor, The Endless Darkness, The Price of Loyalty and The Chosen divination cards did not correctly give credit towards the “Turn in Divination Cards” challenge when turned in.
Fixed a bug where Omniphobia, Fear Manifest could sometimes get stuck in terrain after using its Leap Slam skill.
Fixed a bug where Kosis, The Revelation’s beam skill could stop rendering temporarily if you ran too far away from it while it was using the skill.
Fixed a bug where Betrayal Intervention targets could sometimes become untargetable if encountered during a Delirium encounter.
Fixed a bug where Legion monsters with the Vengeful Stalker modifier could not be killed.
Fixed a bug where Fury Hounds in Delirium encounters could sometimes become untargetable.
Fixed a bug where the monsters that appear on top of Delirium monsters when they split were inheriting attack and cast speed bonuses from Delirium mist.
Fixed a bug where various effects from Delirium monsters could sometimes linger indefinitely.

Performance Improvements
Added more preloading for various commonly-encountered assets.
Improved performance of several ground effects.
Improved performance in cases where players or monsters had stat values change.
Improved performance by removing reflected damage calculations from monsters that would not reflect damage.

Skill Improvements
Updated the gem descriptions of Animate Weapon and Animate Guardian to clarify that they cannot be used by Traps or Mines.
Fixed a bug where Shock Nova and Blade Blast’s skill effects were not the correct visual size when cast with 9 or more stacks of Intensity.
Fixed a bug where Mirage Archer could visually persist after its duration had expired.
Fixed a bug where the damage penalty applied by Unleash Support to skills that reoccur could sometimes be applied to the initial cast of some skills.
Fixed a bug where Zealotry didn’t provide the Life Regeneration it should have if a Guardian with the Unwavering Faith passive had cast it.
Fixed a bug where Spectres’ skill cooldowns were reset when weapon swapping if it would cause your Spectres to change levels.
Fixed a bug where the Withering Step visuals could persist after the skill had expired.
Fixed a bug where the Dash skill effects were sometimes not visible when using the Predictive networking mode.
Fixed a bug where you would namelock onto a monster if, while holding down Move, you had used a movement skill which then resulted in you hovering over a monster.

Sirus Improvements
Sirus, Awakener of Worlds will now be more aware of where Deatomisation Storms are and will no longer cast his Meteor or Corridor skills if he is near one.
Sirus, Awakener of Worlds will now only teleport players into the Meteor Maze if there is at least one player in range of him.

Metamorph Improvements
Reduced the damage of the Bolt, Monkey Toss, Rock Toss, Ghostly Barrage, Leaper Barrage, Maw Barrage, Necrotic Barrage, Spider Barrage, Snake Spikes, Squid Ink and Primal Throw skills used by Metamorphs.
Fixed a bug where the Bolt Metamorph skill used by The High Templar was repeated many times, rather than being cast a single time.
Fixed a bug where the Bolt Metamorph skill used by The High Templar was dealing attack damage, rather than spell damage.

Item Filters
Added an EnableDropSound parameter that can be used in Item Filters.
Added a chat output upon logging into a character which contains information about the currently loaded item filter if that filter is one that you are subscribed to through your account page.

Microtransaction Improvements
Fixed a bug where the flame patches created by Scientist Flame Dash Effect were smaller than intended.

General Improvements
Using an Orb of Horizons on a Shaper Guardian Map will now always result in it turning into a different Shaper Guardian Map.
Fixed a bug with the Favourite Maps system where the third unlock slot assumed that it required all Awakening Objectives to be completed, but could have actually required all Bonus Objectives (as it is possible to have all Awakening Objectives completed but not all Bonus Objectives). This was a visual issue only.
Fixed a bug where some vendor recipes could be completed with corrupted Rare items if the art matched the Unique item required by the recipe.
Fixed a bug where items could sometimes drop in inaccessible locations in the Domain of Timeless Conflict.
Fixed a bug where the “25% chance to Impale Enemies on Hit with Attacks while using Pride” Watcher’s Eye modifier didn’t apply to off-hand attacks.
Fixed a bug where the Call of the Brotherhood unique ring didn’t have a level requirement if it had a corrupted implicit modifier.
Fixed a bug where the “10% increased Effect of Auras on your Minions” modifier applied by the Matua Tupuna unique shield persisted on Minions after the shield was unequipped.
Fixed a bug where Brand Attachment Range modifiers from the crafting bench appeared to be craftable on Rings. This has now been updated to correctly reflect that these modifiers can only be crafted on Gloves and Amulets.

Crash Fixes
Fixed a client crash that could occur when entering areas with an Animated Guardian.
Fixed a client crash that could occur when monsters used an Expanding Nova skill.
Fixed an instance crash that could occur when the Delirium Icicle Wreath skill was used by monsters.
Fixed an instance crash that could occur when using Blade Vortex.

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Two Oceanic RLCS Players Got One Year Ban for Violation of Competitive Integrity

Frenzyy and delusioN, RLCS players of the Team Esper from Oceanic Region, deliberately compromised competitive integrity in order to lose Game 5 of their team’s series against Team Fury. As their actions directly violated the Section 7 of Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) Player Code of Conduct, the two players have got a punishment on both forfeiture of their prize money for the match and one-year ban from all Psyonix-operated tournaments until April 7, 2021.

Upon inspection of chat logs, game footage, and an in-depth conversation with Let’s Play Live (LPL) tournament administrators, Psyonix has determined that these players compromised competitive integrity by intentionally throwing Game 5 of their match against Team Fury. As a result both Frenzyy and delusioN will be banned from all Psyonix-operated tournaments until April 7, 2021. However, their teammate SSteve did not intentionally compromise competitive integrity, so he will not be subject to disciplinary action.

Here is the rule for you to know about the 7.2 Competitive Integrity. 7.2.1 Each Player is expected to play to the best of her or his ability at all times during any match. Any form of unfair play is prohibited by these Rules, and may result in disciplinary action. Examples of unfair play include the following: Collusion (e.g., any agreement between two or more Teams or Players on different Teams to pre-determine the outcome of a Game or Match), match fixing, bribing a referee or match official, or any other action or agreement to intentionally influence (or attempt to influence)
the outcome of any match or Tournament.”

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