New Zodiac items are discovered in the game code with the 2.0.4 update for Animal Crossing New Horizons, and you can now collect all 11 new New Year Zodiac Figurines. Let’s take a look at the ACNH Zodiac Animal Item List and how to swiftly unlock them!

ACNH Zodiac Animal Figurines

11 brand new Zodiac Animal Figurines have been uncovered from the latest ACNH 2.0.4 update, which is relevant to each New Year Celebration in the future, thanks to the data miner’s hard work. The enormous 2.0 update is referred to as the game’s final update, and it brought over 9000+ new things, including a large number of items that will be released in the coming year’s events, but not the Zodiac Figurines. As a result, these Chinese New Year Zodiac Items are likely the game’s most recent additions.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Zodiac Figurine Items in 2.0.4 Update

• Zodiac Ox Figurine (2021, 2033)

• Zodiac Tiger Figurine (2022, 2034)

• Zodiac Rabbit Figurine (2023, 2035)

• Zodiac Dragon Figurine (2024, 2036)

• Zodiac Snake Figurine (2025, 2037)

• Zodiac Horse Figurine (2026, 2038)

• Zodiac Sheep Figurine (2027, 2039)

• Zodiac Monkey Figurine (2028, 2040)

• Zodiac Rooster Figurine (2029, 2041)

• Zodiac Dog Figurine (2030, 2042)

• Zodiac Boar Figurine (2031, 2043)

• Zodiac Pig Figurine (2031, 2043)

• Zodiac Rat Figurine (2032, 2044)

How to unlock all Zodiac Animal Figurines

  1. Every year, from December 22nd until January 5th, you can purchase Zodiac Figurines from Nook Shopping. Because Nintendo releases Zodiac Animal Figurines with the correct year, each one will be available for purchase on Nook Shopping in the sequence in which they were released throughout the next 12 years during the New Year festivities (at the end of the current year and start the next year). Because these items aren’t time-locked, you can get them right now by traveling to the future!
  2. With the 2.0.4 update, these 13 Zodiac animal items have been added to Katrina’s Rewards, allowing you to purchase a Purification effect from Katrina’s Fortune booth on Harvey’s Island. You may also receive a Zodiac Animal as a reward from Katrina after each Purification spell, and this is unaffected by the zodiac year rules.

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