Check out the detailed Animal Crossing: New Horizons Fishing Tourney event guide

The first event of the new year has arrived in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. On January 8, the game’s Fishing Tourney will return, offering you another chance to earn trophies and other special prizes. Everything you need to know about the event is listed here.

How does the  Fishing Tourney event work?

While the Fishing Tourney has been a fixture of the Animal Crossing series since the first game, it works a little differently in New Horizons than it has in previous installments. To enter the competition, first, speak with C.J. in the plaza of your town. You’ll have three minutes to catch as many fish as you can after paying a minor registration fee of 500 Animal crossing bells. By the way, If you don’t have enough bells, LOLGA would solve your problem, now is selling cheap ACNH Bells.

Return to C.J. when the time has passed, and he will total up your points based on how many fish you were able to capture. You’ll get one point for each fish you catch, with extra points awarded if you catch three or more before the timer runs out.

You can redeem your points for exclusive C.J. fish-themed items like a tackle bag and a fish umbrella. If you reach specific point milestones, you’ll be awarded a special trophy. You can enter the tournament as many times as you like until it closes at 6 p.m.

Fishing Tourney event Prizes

C.J. will reward you with a special fish-themed item for every 10 points you win outside of the Fishing Tourney. You won’t be able to choose which item to spend your points on because they’ll be distributed at random, but you’ll get one of each before C.J. starts to give you duplicates. The following is the complete list of prizes:

• Anchor statue

• Fish door plate

• Fish-drying rack

• Fish pochette

• Fish-print tee

• Fishing rod stand

• Fish rug

• Fish umbrella

• Fish wand

• Fresh cooler

• Marine pop wall

• Tackle bag

When you reach certain point milestones, you’ll also receive a special fishing trophy, as previously mentioned. Here is a list of all the trophies and how many points you’ll need to get them:

• Bronze Fish Trophy (mailed to your house after amassing 100 points)

• Silver Fish Trophy (mailed to your house after amassing 200 points)

• Gold Fish Trophy (mailed to your house after amassing 300 points)

Some Fishing Tourney tips for you

While you can enter the Fishing Tourney on your own, you’ll be considerably more effective if you team up with a friend. At the end of the game, the amount of fish caught by each player will be totaled together, making it much easier to rack up points and win rewards.

It’s also a good idea to plan ahead of time for the Fishing Tourney by making a lot of bait. Instead of having to run around your island looking for fish spawns, you can simply camp out and fish in one location using this bait. C.J. will also buy any fish you catch for the same higher price he pays when he visits your island, making this a fantastic opportunity to earn some extra bells.

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What is Rocket League Trading?

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• Rocket League Credits

• Items from Crates looted before the Blueprint system update

• Items from various in-game events

• Free drops players get after completing a game

• Exclusive Rocket Pass items only players in Pro Tiers loot

• Blueprints

• Items built from blueprints

What kind of  Currency is used?

You’ve most likely heard about Rocket League keys. The prices of the items were mostly determined by these keys. The game’s developers, however, eliminated both keys and crates in the 2019 update. They introduced blueprints and credits, which will be used as currency.

Blueprints were successful in replacing the crate system, while credits were effective in replacing the key system. Looting crates’ RNG component was replaced by the new mechanism. Instead, players may now see what each blueprint awards.

Players can also trade items for real money due to the enormous number of players and high demand for Rocket League items. Real-money trading, it’s only supported by Rocket League Trading platforms, like, one of the most professional Rocket League Trading websites. They support selling and buying.

How to price

The item pool in Rocket League is massive. There are thousands of products, each with its own distinct design and feel. The range of things may most likely overwhelm you if you are just getting started. Furthermore, each item has its own price tag, making it very impossible to remember all of the prices.

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Where Should You Trade?

Trading things in Rocket League is simple, but it can only be done in-game. Yes, Steam has its own trade platform, and the game is available on Steam. The game’s creators, on the other hand, decided to limit Rocket League item trading to the in-game experience.

Even if you sell or buy items on Rocket League trading websites, you will still need to complete the transaction while inside the game.

Trade process

A caution notice will appear when you start a trade with another player. Before you continue, you must admit it. The trade window will then appear in the game. On the left, you’ll find your inventory. You will place your things in the upper window, while the other trader will place their items in the lower window. Trading is limited to 12 items per trader in the game.

When you’re ready to make a deal, simply click the trade button. You will be given a five-second notice after the dealer approves the trade. If you are unhappy with the deal in any manner, you have plenty of time to cancel it.

Trading Tips

You can exchange your items to obtain a rare item. To do so, you must trade five items of the same rarity for one random item of a higher rarity.

At last, if you want to master the Rocket League item trading game, make a list of the items you want. And always pay attention to their price changes.

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Animal Crossing – Animal Crossing New Horizons New year items-How to get all Zodiac Figurines

New Zodiac items are discovered in the game code with the 2.0.4 update for Animal Crossing New Horizons, and you can now collect all 11 new New Year Zodiac Figurines. Let’s take a look at the ACNH Zodiac Animal Item List and how to swiftly unlock them!

ACNH Zodiac Animal Figurines

11 brand new Zodiac Animal Figurines have been uncovered from the latest ACNH 2.0.4 update, which is relevant to each New Year Celebration in the future, thanks to the data miner’s hard work. The enormous 2.0 update is referred to as the game’s final update, and it brought over 9000+ new things, including a large number of items that will be released in the coming year’s events, but not the Zodiac Figurines. As a result, these Chinese New Year Zodiac Items are likely the game’s most recent additions.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Zodiac Figurine Items in 2.0.4 Update

• Zodiac Ox Figurine (2021, 2033)

• Zodiac Tiger Figurine (2022, 2034)

• Zodiac Rabbit Figurine (2023, 2035)

• Zodiac Dragon Figurine (2024, 2036)

• Zodiac Snake Figurine (2025, 2037)

• Zodiac Horse Figurine (2026, 2038)

• Zodiac Sheep Figurine (2027, 2039)

• Zodiac Monkey Figurine (2028, 2040)

• Zodiac Rooster Figurine (2029, 2041)

• Zodiac Dog Figurine (2030, 2042)

• Zodiac Boar Figurine (2031, 2043)

• Zodiac Pig Figurine (2031, 2043)

• Zodiac Rat Figurine (2032, 2044)

How to unlock all Zodiac Animal Figurines

  1. Every year, from December 22nd until January 5th, you can purchase Zodiac Figurines from Nook Shopping. Because Nintendo releases Zodiac Animal Figurines with the correct year, each one will be available for purchase on Nook Shopping in the sequence in which they were released throughout the next 12 years during the New Year festivities (at the end of the current year and start the next year). Because these items aren’t time-locked, you can get them right now by traveling to the future!
  2. With the 2.0.4 update, these 13 Zodiac animal items have been added to Katrina’s Rewards, allowing you to purchase a Purification effect from Katrina’s Fortune booth on Harvey’s Island. You may also receive a Zodiac Animal as a reward from Katrina after each Purification spell, and this is unaffected by the zodiac year rules.

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Animal Crossing – Some easy ways to help you to make ACNH Bells quickly

For its players, ACNH reflects the natural environment. Some real-life games, do not incorporate certain parts of life into their gameplay. This game, on the other hand, functions differently.

When players add a residence to their island in ACNH, it costs money, just like it does in the real world. Purchasing items and paying debts is an unavoidable aspect of life. Animal Crossing has also incorporated such monotonous activities.

To pay for things like a mortgage, players use Animal Crossing Bells instead of money. Tom Nook, an in-game character, is in charge of collecting the dues, making him somewhat of a villain in the game.

As a result, bells are required for ACNH gamers. A lack of bells can be problematic. It’s unclear what Tom Nook does to gamers who don’t pay up, but there are some fan suggestions. These theories are disconcerting to say the least.

However, to proceed in the game, players must obtain bells, which can be a time-consuming and tiresome chore. There are, however, faster ways to obtain bells, and this post will go through a number of them.

Easy ways to make ACNH bells

Converting Nook Miles

Completing the challenges in the Nook Miles app will earn the player Nook Miles, which can be used to buy Bell Vouchers. This is one of the finest methods to gain ACNH bells, as 500 Nook Miles will yield you 3,000 bells.

Money trees

Money, they say, doesn’t grow on trees, but in Animal Crossing, it can. Bells can be located at the shining patches on the ground, and players can dig for them. Players can bury bells once they’ve dug a hole. After burying 10,000 bells and planting a tree on top, players will see that the tree produces 30,000 bells in a few days. This is a fantastic method to earn money while you sleep.

Sell bugs and fish

Catching and selling bugs and fish is one way to earn bells early in the game. Blathers should be given new species, although conventional fish can be traded in for bells. The Golden Trout has a premium price tag, so keep an eye out for it. Peacock butterflies are also worth a lot of money.

Sell turnips

Turnips are similar to the Animal Crossing stock market exchange. Purchasing them at the correct price from Nook’s Cranny will get players a large number of bells. Because the price fluctuates every day, they sell high and buy cheap. This can be difficult, and, like the stock market, it can lead to losses. If players can figure out the trends, this can be a lucrative way to gain bells.

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