Recently, the developer made a post on reddit, which introduces what is going on and what’s planned for the patch 12.5. According to post, the developer did a lot of balancing changes to weight system and solved headbobbing problem. They are currently working on hotfixes related to all the major problems collected from fans of Escape from Tarkov. Here is their plan after the 0.12.4 Status Update.

“We are continuing to modify servers, currently testing new load balancing system to increase the amount of free rooms to play, adding new servers in different regions. Actively working with BattlEye. Besides, the next 0.12.5 patch will be 95% fixes and optimizations. It will include a couple of features like quick after raid healing, post-effects filters, no additional content. As we said before – we plan to do patches every month. So it will be not so long till 0.12.5.”

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