I’ve always been a racing game fan, but if you’re like me, you’re here for cars, and driving cars like high speed. Let me tell you: “Forza Horizo ​​n 3” offers some of the best driving.

Not too technical, rest assured that the game runs smoothly and fast. This is important in such a game because any technical problem – such as the game slows down, may be a killer.

More importantly, driving the “feeling” is the spot. Rear-wheel-drive cars such as the BMW M3, which loosen the rear end around the high-speed turns; all rounds of monsters like the Subaru WRX and Tesla models S insist on their launch and rocket past races.

Even better, with the huge open world of the game, you can take these cars to where you will never be your own. As the GPS in the game is given directions, you can be happy to turn to the off-road to your destination. You will be glad that you have done because there are countless things to find the road between the vast sections: the classic car you can recover and drive, huge jumping ramps and glorious seaside sunset.

You can visit (huge) anywhere on the map from the beginning, but you only have to unlock the new racial type that these areas are in your game. The good news is that progress through the game is a pleasure, opening up a new “holiday place” (in a particular area of ​​the game) and finding a new racial genre.

“Forza Horizo​​n 3” has a simple structure. You start a race with a few cars and you prove your value in the game, earn money, fans and experience. With the accumulation of these things, you use a variety of different ways and different currencies exchange points. Win the game to win your “points” that you can use to buy new cars or upgraded parts. The game also gets experience; the more XP you earn, the higher your driver’s ranking. You can also win the reputation by winning the game, which will unlock the new content. Finally, we have the skills to point you through the link together drift or other stunt midway. But you can go to https://www.onlinegameshop.com easier to get Forza Horizon 3 Credits, then you can buy a new car to build their own strong lineup to release their potential.

So far, I have challenged some great barrel lists. Racing a freight train is cool, just like the Audi Quartra Rally racing to the city off-road. But a lot of no excitement near any place, I am particularly sorry to give the stock Nissan GT-R a drift challenge.

For me, the best part of any driving game is to start a relatively modest steed and build your money until you can buy something better and repeat until you have an enviable garage location The Horizon 3, but gives you a particularly humble motor choice, such as the BMW M4 and the Shelby Mustang GT350 as your first ride. Worse, if you have the ultimate version, you can immediately get a car like Kony Cecre Regus and Lamborghini Aventador SV is free.

Even if you have a normal game, getting an expensive car will not take a long time. You seem to have a virtual currency to shoot and vomit in your face every five minutes through the ‘Wheelspin’ function so that we do not forget those barn found some poor liquid free to recover and then give you …

If I live on a fantastic land, I am a billionaire, the kind of car that makes Brunei Sultan jealous, and I will not suddenly want to bring a Maserati MC12 or Bugatti Veyron to a dirty clay race. However, Horizon 3 seems to be obsessed with the clay game of the super sports car.

If nothing else, “Forza Horizon 3” is endless gorgeous. This is proof of a modern video game. Your uncle Larry will be very impressed, you will also. I am of course! If it is not clear, I believe that “Forza Horizo ​​n 3” is a very, very good game. The better thing is that this is a good game that most people can enjoy.

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