Time flies quickly. Six weeks has passed since Rocket Pass 6 went live on March 25. The seventh week of Rocket Pass 6 is now avaliable for all platforms. Now, both regular players and Rocket Pass owners have access to earn some Tier Points and upgrade their level in the game. Here is the detail of challenges and rewards of Rocket Pass 6 in this week.

Rocket League Rocket Pass 6 Week 7 Challenges and Rewards
Free Challenges and Rewards
Sure Shot – Play 3 Online Matches with the Sure Shot Topper
Double Down – Win 2 Casual 2v2 Doubles Online Matches
All-Star – Get 40 Saves, Assists, or Goals in Online Matches

Premium Challenges and Rewards
Ranked Five Hundred – Score 500 total points in Competitive Playlists
Boosted – Win 4 Competitive Matches with any Rocket Pass 6 Boost
The Answer – Play 42 Online Matches

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