Rocket League, like numerous other multiplayer titles, is undoubtedly best enjoyed with friends.

Rocket League may be a team-based game where people can pair up with their friends and luxuriate in a turbo fuelled game of car-football. Now that it’s become free-to-play, the likelihood is that that there’ll always be new players getting into the sport – all of whom would all wish to add their friends.

How to add friends in Rocket League using their Epic ID

With Rocket League going free on Epic Games, tons of individuals are flocking to the present game. But here’s how one can add friends to the sport.

First, players got to navigate to the house screen then press the R2/RT button. This brings up the social profile. Players on PC got to press the button assigned to “Accelerate/Gas” to access their social profile.

Here, players on PC would wish to click the add friend button at rock bottom, while players on PS4 got to click on the square button. This brings up a keyboard where players can enter the Epic ID of their friends.

Clicking on done will send the friend request, and once they accept the request, players are going to be ready to add their friends to the party easily.

If you’ve got friends on your PSN/Xbox Live, you’ll scroll through your social tabs to seek out them, from where you’ll add them as friends in Rocket League also.

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