The Rocket League Hanasha JRL wheels are among the more appealing cosmetics in Season 2’s audio-focused material. The kanji on these animated wheels sparkle and flow from left to right. The Rocket League Hanasha JRL wheels can be obtained in the following way.

How to get Rocket League Hanasha JRL Wheels

The Hanasha JRL wheels are available for purchase in Rocket League’s item store. As the shop updates every day, these wheels seem to rotate in and out. The wheels are also available in 14 different colors. On March 15, the titanium white Hanasha JRL wheels arrived at the store (and will leave at noon PST on March 16). On February 21, 2021, the lime version was available in stores. Despite the fact that the lime wheels cost 600 credits and the titanium white wheels cost 700 credits, there is a credit difference between the two colors. These colors are:

 • Grey
 • Orange
 • Pink
 • Purple
 • Saffron
 • Sky Blue
 • Black
 • Default
 • Burnt Sienna
 • Lime
 • Titanium White
 • Cobalt
 • Crimson
 • Forest Green

These import wheels aren’t tradeable, and they don’t appear in blueprints. This means that if you want these wheels, you’ll have to buy them with Rocket League Credits from the store. It’s unclear if these wheels will return in any way after Season 2 wraps up on April 7, 2021. A similar snazzy W.I.P. decal, another highly sought-after cosmetic object, is available.

Credits can be earned in a variety of ways. Credits can be bought for real money on the storefront. $5 gets you 500 credits, $10 gets you 1,100 credits, $25 gets you 3,000 credits, and $50 gets you 6,500 credits. Credits can also be won via the game’s Rocket Pass, which has eight different levels, each worth 100 credits.

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