If you ask Brewster, he’ll tell you that the best way to enjoy your coffee is to drink it while it’s still hot and in a pleasant setting. You can’t always sit and enjoy The Roost’s ambiance since you have things to do and people to see! Thankfully, you can persuade the brew master to offer you a cup to go with only a few quick visits to your local café.

Once The Roost is open, you’ll need to visit three times for a cup of coffee. Order a hot coffee from a barstool to show Brewster your devotion to his art. Each will set you back 200 Animal Crossing bells, and after the third day, he’ll write a note that you’ll be able to purchase to-go starting tomorrow!

You can order your takeout coffee now that Brewster is starting to remember you as a regular customer. Instead of sitting at the bar, speak with Brewster at the counter, and he’ll sell you a 300 Bell takeout coffee that doubles as a cute accessory for any island visitor on the go.

What benefits about drinking take out coffee

Takeout coffee, other than being a handheld item for your character to drink from, will also provide a maximum of 3 points of stamina — one point for each sip you take.

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