When you’re at the top of your game, where will you go? It’s a topic that challenges the world’s best sports stars, but after you’ve become the best, there’ll invariably be a time when either your own talents start to dull or someone new comes along to set new expectations for some period of time. This year, the Madden franchise has to tackle at least a portion of the question again.

2K’s more arcade-oriented foray back into American Football might still be a year or two away, but the gridiron rendition of EA probably hit a height three years ago, and fans were hoping for a return to MVP status after last year’s more pedestrian outing. Instead, what we have is a game that seems like it’s going to succeed, but won’t even make the playoffs in the end. So, the Buccaneers this year, then.

Madden 21 predictably builds on Madden 20, as do the main modes of Ultimate Team, Face of the Franchise, and Franchise, so many of last year’s gameplay features return like Superstar X-Factors. The latest addition to this year’s headline is The Yard; an effort by EA to return us to those days of American Football arcade-style, evoking NFL Blitz and NFL Street memories as you ram the pigskin with impunity into the endzone. The thing is, it isn’t all that much fun.

The immediate problem you’re going to face walking into The Yard is that it doesn’t do an extremely good job of demonstrating to you yourself. As a Madden 21 mode, based on the same engine and with mostly the same controls, you would think it should all come pretty quickly, but it just doesn’t. Instead of playing the mode itself, it is apparently more interested in making you wear a neon jersey.

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