Madden NFL Mobile offers features such as players and cards. In order to earn these, players participate in “live events”, which can earn their kits and coins. It allows players to play a full 16 season, extending to the Super Bowl. As a free game, players can spend real money to buy bags and a certain number of packages and a package of items. The game is also based on the level, and some of the game’s function is limited until it reaches a certain level. There is another model labeled “League”. Madden NFL Mobile will EA Sports one of the biggest features to Android, allowing players anytime, anywhere to enjoy all the emotions of American football.

The game has been perfectly adapted to the touchscreen device, even though the interface still shows some Xbox One buttons. This means, for example, that even if you will see the classic x and y buttons (even the LB button) on the screen the players you need to do is touch them through.

Kickoff is also fully adapted to the touch screen control, so you only need to slide in accordance with the direction you want your fingers, use the required force to send the ball flying over the sky.

While at the beginning of the game you can choose your favorite team at Madden NFL Mobile you can also fully enjoy the traditional ultimate team mode that you create your own star team using the players you get in random envelopes.

Madden NFL Mobile is an outstanding sporting game, feature fun games, excellent graphics and all official licenses from the NFL.

Like a game in real life, you need money. Money is the basic resource of Madden NFL Mobile. Then these basic resources you can at it is easy to buy cheap Madden Mobile Coins. You can also ask your friends how they do money, or you can read our tips below. I suggest reading our tips on how to make money and ask your friends how they do it. Maybe your (our) way is better than they are. Here you find a basic rule: the best way to make money is the auction house. The way to make money is easy: buy low and sell high! Just like in real life.

Some skill

Upgrade why? Because when you upgrade, you will get about 10,000 coins per layer.

2. You can keep Legends in your team, or you can sell them. Sometimes it is better to sell a legend to get a lot of money to keep them, but this is your strategic decision. You are the boss!

3. You can buy a package, but why? You have to pay. When you pay less money. This may be a good investment, but you really have to consider before you buy a package.

4. more about the package: do not open it! Only professional packages, because they are in August / September when the elite more profit.

5. You can organize activities. For organizing activities, you get money. This is the best way to make money. You can do three events every day, which gives you a lot of money! “Money event” is: free people, gamers, wealth of the road, loop road incident. You choose what you like and get a ton of money.

Play, play and play again! You should do 20 games a day. It gives you a lot of money.

If you are searching Madden Mobile hackers … sorry, you can not find it. If you want to gain an advantage in the game, you have to use a real money to buy premium money.

Game and progress

I was frozen from the game or my game.

Go to your device settings and then exit / stop the application completely. Be sure to check your internet connection and then try to start the game again.

I removed the game from my device but wanted to save my progress.

Games can connect to Facebook to allow for more social features, although players can also create anonymous accounts. Only when your game is linked to a Facebook account will your progress be saved. If you need to remove the game, your progress will continue when you leave the game when you reinstall the game.

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