“NBA LIVE Mobile” so that basketball players like to watch the NBA at the same time, but also their own team, win the opponent. “NBA LIVE Mobile” today in the App Store and Google Play open free download, cover players from the opening season three consecutive games to win two “big three dollars” star star star Russell Westbrook served.

“NBA LIVE Mobile” with 5 to 5 rules, so that players can actually participate in the game through real life in the Union of various events. In addition to the players in the game through the draft mechanism can get the potential players, but also can directly pay, through the extraction of card pack to get active or retired legendary star. The game offers a variety of different games, including live racing exercises and a variety of game situations, sweat in the online tournament. Players can choose single season mode, but also in the war mode with friends or global players in the face of a positive match. By participating in the competition or the new daily challenges, you can earn gold coins and other rewards, used to build their own dream team, into the basketball master of the road.

In the NBA LIVE Mobile start the new 2016-2017 season! Experience the best basketball feast ever! With the new players, jerseys, team logo and stadium, you can:

1. earn bonuses through daily goals and online events
2. with a wonderful air transfer confused to find the opponent
3. By the shooting guide and feedback to make the game more compact rhythm
4. Strengthen the breakthrough ability to become a dunk master
5. Reduce the rate of failure and in the opponent under the defense or get more points

In the operation of the game, in the lower left corner of the interface of the joystick to manipulate your players to post moves, the lower right corner is the shooting, passing, fast break, defense, cap, substitutions and other buttons, The change. Game shooting on the intensity of the control is the key to winning, the players trading and strengthen the system is to greatly increase the game’s playability. Simple operation, will allow players to start this game soon, like basketball players see here is not heart?

The game provides an intuitive way to play the game, the player can be through the light and brush the way to display a variety of skills, bring the next hand of the next generation of mobile gaming experience, easy to break into the basket or hit long distance three , Prejudgement, free throws in hundred, as if you are the NBA professional players, experience fun fun mobile basketball game! But if you buy NBA Live Mobile Coins at https://www.onlinegameshop.com/, then you will not only have the super basketball of your favorite, but also The game runs the entire team and inspires your potential.

Manage the team

Act as team manager, upgrade your player lineup, get more points to raise the level. Use retired and current NBA superstars to make your favorite pellets a star-studded team. Through the purchase of card package, auction house transactions, to create no one can block the team.

Play sweat on the line

Enjoy the ultimate basketball life experience, become the strongest player in the history. Through the new daily challenges, master the NBA season throughout the season. In the real match to get the value of reward, or in the season or against the game with friends and opponents in the same game. Every day at any time challenge online events, the road to the master of basketball.

Conquer the stadium

NBA LIVE Mobile will bring you the next-generation mobile gaming experience at your fingertips. Break into the basket or hit long distance three points outside the line. Prejudgment, free throws hundred, as if you are professional players. In every two minutes of the fast-paced game full of effort to speed off the speed of the opponent. Get cards and coins in the game and unlock special abilities to get your team up to the top level

Each NBA LIVE interface has its own style, 97 graffiti comics, 98 green circuit board, this interface background is 3D real basketball hall corner, when you switch between the menu, the background will follow The move in the arena, this shift lens approach may be the trend of adapting to the development of hardware it, in the background sound also joined the audience cheers. Give you a shock to enjoy the real, interested little partners to act quickly up.

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