From creating rookies, setting up franchises or designing their own arena, EA Sports’s NHL 17 is designed to give players the most realistic hockey experience. In the NHL before the start of the game warm-up, only in their own side to find their own. While this is one of the interesting moments of the player’s career, there is no doubt that there are other highlights: his first goal, the first fight, the first hat trick, and the end of the legendary career This year’s version of the game is also designed to make the NHL experience more realistic and customizable than ever before, from ice on the bench to the scene on the bench to the front of the move, and even to the arena of the construction team. The aim is to give users the ability to experience their hockey fantasy.

One of the most popular models in the game “Become General Motors” has been changed to “franchise mode”, users can now manage the business aspects of the team, and all the content from the ticket and the franchise price to the promotion night, and even relocation, Just in case you are a little rush to try Las Vegas. You will do it all in the eyes of the team owner, and you will need to keep you happy. Once you start, your arena will be full of fans, but if you fight on ice, then the fans will begin to disappear. In order to attract them, you need some promotional nights or lower fares.

The big selling point for this year’s franchise model is the team’s relocation, allowing users to customize their new jersey, team name and arena based on geographically similar locations (do not move Arizona’s lobsters to Quebec). Team operations responsibilities also allow you to control ticket / franchise pricing and building maintenance, similar to Madden’s owner model. These are not bad supplements, but I will trade all of a suitable reconnaissance system, the ability to resign during the season, and a lively free agent during the bid and against. Solving these recurring flaws will further make this way an interesting model, rather than making the user make an ordinary business decision, and how to repair the bathroom.

The highlight of the NHL 17 is again EASHL, which is improved this year due to the availability of more diverse players and the advanced system that will allow you to unlock new team and player customization options. I am still on the fence, whether or not this class-based method is superior to the ability to give the player a prototype and customize it in a set of parameters, but at least the current system ensures that the ice will not tilt too far to the player who has put all The time to enter the mode. You can open the cosmetic jerseys and the enhancement of the arena so that users can add some personal style to their team, but the options are limited. These fun patterns will be better by allowing them to create custom logos and choose players to choose from more types of player hairstyles and devices.

Another unique feature of the game is the creator of the arena, where you can choose to shoot a flame or smoke from a scoreboard after a goal, or choose your team to skate before the game (in San Jose’s shark head or Dallas star) has the family you always wanted to feel. In addition to custom ice surfaces and target lights, you can also choose your Arena seating, tuner and racquet¬†color scheme.

The blow has improved over the previous few years because the player can now choose whether to close someone, push them out of the hockey or put down the devastating blow. Players are also fighting in front of the network, the defender can lift the front of the stick, tied him up, or pushed him to get valuable real estate. After entering the target, you can use the traditional team to embrace or fist pump to celebrate, or, if you wish, can even do this. Yes, everyone has to take a break: last year there are several teams of the goal of the goal seems to have been resolved.

Players career-centered single-player mode has been popular in recent years, the hockey finals, the World Cup hockey model, and the hockey version of the championship model launched last year in Madden, demonstrating NHL 17 suites. Each offering a decent experience even if they lack the depth of other EA sports games. Building through the collection card in the HUT is addictive, but it does not have a single player product. But I was very easy to get a lot of HUT 17 Coins at, which makes me feel better. World Cup hockey will not let you make a lineup decision, like the PK Subban in the lineup, while the Championship Champions lack the Madden version of the strategic depth, largely because the NHL players score so swell that you never boarded the list with real Defects.

I like hockey so I will play NHL 17 for most of the coming winter. But similar to my native Minnesota wildlife, I feel different about the quality of the show. EA Canada continues to improve slightly, but the NHL series has not yet tapped the real potential of this generation. As any sports fan will tell you, there will always be such a thing next year. I hope this article on the NHL new player’s skills to help.

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