Rocket League has always been one of the best video games in the hearts of its players. The developer has really done brilliant work by taking the amazing idea of car soccer and making it a hotspot for esports. However, owing to an issue with login, Rocket League was down for many users in the past few hours. Lots of players have reported the issue on the main social media like twitter and reddit.

Tons of players guess that the issue is connected with Rocket League servers. Such an issue does not happen often since the release of Rocket League. It is an awesome game for players to play for the most part, but since Psyonix sold their soul to the devil Epic, it seems that the servers have been gradually getting worse. In the past couple of months, it has been happening once or twice every month, which is pretty annoying.

However, Psyonix has never let players down with its quick response. It took them only an hour to fix this issue. Currently, everything is okay and players can continue to enjoy Rocket League in any way you like. They launched a post on twitter, saying “Online access has been fully restored. We will continue to closely monitor the situation, and update here if anything changes.”

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