Escape from Tarkov is a popular first-person multiplayer shooter game known for its MMO features and complex, and detailed gameplay. Over the past few months, it has become one of the hottest games at the start of 2020, with more and more well-known streamers beginning to join in the queue.

The Twitch streamer Summit1G who has been loving the game streamed nothing on his channel but Escape from Tarkov. However, he said during a broadcast and showed his intention of quitting the game. It is not about the server that most players complained about, but a wave of player-controlled Scavs, who can join the server at any point. This made him lose a ton of loot to some unfortunate spawns of characters that reset every 30 minutes and don’t progress like main characters.

“Would you not be pissed about that? You kill all the guys that got into the game and you get killed by the endless stream of idiots who can queue into the game until it’s over”, that is the main reason why he wanted to give up. Nevertheless, Escape from Tarkov is still true gamers’ first choice, and they would try their best to do anything to create a wonderful adventure in the game.

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