Get Away From Father Kwismas’s Clutches With Cheap Dofus Touch Kamas

Dofus Touch is a unique and funny MMORPG that has a thriving community all bent on doing one thing – immersing themselves in a rich world filled with adventure and wonder. Recently, there is a new writing contest on the theme of Kwismas, bringing players with prizes to win. Here is the detail.

How to Enter
In roleplay-style, explain how you managed to escape Father Kwismas’s clutches after he locked you in the basement.
You may only submit one entry per person, posted in the comments below this article.
Your text must be 300 words or less.
It must comply with the code of conduct.

DOFUS Touch staff will select the 3 funniest and most original stories; the authors will win the following prizes:
3 Kwismas Mystery Boxes;
1 “Kwismas Sack” Pack; and
the Ringomontade, which grants the title “The Great Gasconader”.

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