The Offline mode is an easy way to learn the various maps and game mechanics in Escape From Tarkov

Escape From Tarkov has one of the most challenging learning curves, making it difficult for new players to get started. Most players will lose more objects than they win, and higher-skilled players hiding in the shadows will continuously destroy them.

However, there is a simple way to learn the various maps and game mechanics without putting your equipment at risk: the Offline mode.

Players can explore the maps in offline mode without having to face real-life opponents. This is a great way to study maps, work out keybinds, and get used to Escape From Tarkov’s boring fighting and gameplay.

Pick PMC from the main menu to access the Offline mode. Offline, you can’t play as a Scav, but you won’t lose any EFT Items if you die. You can then choose which map you want to explore after selecting PMC.

Players will be prompted with a screen asking if they want to allow Offline mode for the raid after selecting the map. To activate the mode, check the box, and more customization options will appear below it.

Players can change the weather, allow a random time of day, change the AI settings, or turn off AI enemies entirely. There are also ways to turn on bosses and Scav War, which can add to the excitement of the game.

Enable the Tagged and Cursed choice if you want a tough challenge. This means that if you engage an AI opponent, the remaining AI opponents will pursue you for the remainder of the game. If you’re new to Escape From Tarkov, you should disable this option.

You’ll join the raid as usual after customizing the game to your taste. You will not be able to keep any items or weapons, but you will be able to save all of the equipment you bring with you. To avoid being an easy target in an online raid, use the Offline mode to learn the game.

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Most popular EFT map Customs is changed in patch 0.12.7

The Escape Tarkov devs have officially unveiled patch notes for the 0.12.7 update, and there’s plenty to dissect. also because the headlining Customs changes, and scav boss Sanitar’s debut, Battlestate also are shipping a huge chest health rework.

Shoreline also will be getting a couple of more quests added in patch 0.12.7, and two new guns are being added to the loot pool too. Here’s everything that arrived within the latest Escape Tarkov update on July 27.

Let’s see some changes in map Customs expansion.

Player-favorite Escape Tarkov map Customs has seen little bit of an overhaul in patch 0.12.7, which Battlestate devs confirmed before time on July 14. also as a couple of new locations, Customs will now have a couple of more stationary gun locations.

The biggest swaps are the extensions of Customs’ industrial area and therefore the construction site nearby. The Customs scav boss, Reshala, will now roam out of his usual Dorms patrol more often also, to new “further-reaching” areas.

Overall, this map update will expand the entire size of Customs by around 30-40%. Notably, it’ll also remove the bottleneck area at the rail overpass. this is often a neighborhood of the map players are calling to be tweaked since the sport was released.

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