LOLGA brings you a detailed Rocket League Trading Guide

Rocket League is one of the most enjoyable multiplayer games, particularly for fans of sports games.

It was first published for PS4 and Windows in 2015. It was then ported to Nintendo Switch and Xbox One due to its success. However, Rocket League is about more than just playing soccer with vehicles. Additional aesthetic features are included in the game.

For Rocket League fans and item collectors, this opens up a slew of new trading opportunities. Anyone can begin trading items in Rocket League, but to be effective, you must first learn a few things about trading in this game.

This guide will teach you all you need to know to get started.

What is Rocket League Trading?

Simply put, it refers to giving an item or in-game currency to another player in exchange for an item or in-game currency. In Rocket League, you can trade a variety of items, including:

• Rocket League Credits

• Items from Crates looted before the Blueprint system update

• Items from various in-game events

• Free drops players get after completing a game

• Exclusive Rocket Pass items only players in Pro Tiers loot

• Blueprints

• Items built from blueprints

What kind of  Currency is used?

You’ve most likely heard about Rocket League keys. The prices of the items were mostly determined by these keys. The game’s developers, however, eliminated both keys and crates in the 2019 update. They introduced blueprints and credits, which will be used as currency.

Blueprints were successful in replacing the crate system, while credits were effective in replacing the key system. Looting crates’ RNG component was replaced by the new mechanism. Instead, players may now see what each blueprint awards.

Players can also trade items for real money due to the enormous number of players and high demand for Rocket League items. Real-money trading, it’s only supported by Rocket League Trading platforms, like, one of the most professional Rocket League Trading websites. They support selling and buying.

How to price

The item pool in Rocket League is massive. There are thousands of products, each with its own distinct design and feel. The range of things may most likely overwhelm you if you are just getting started. Furthermore, each item has its own price tag, making it very impossible to remember all of the prices.

Of course, you may refer to some Rocket League Trading websites. They usually put the decent Rocket League Trading Prices on the table, just go check and compare.

Where Should You Trade?

Trading things in Rocket League is simple, but it can only be done in-game. Yes, Steam has its own trade platform, and the game is available on Steam. The game’s creators, on the other hand, decided to limit Rocket League item trading to the in-game experience.

Even if you sell or buy items on Rocket League trading websites, you will still need to complete the transaction while inside the game.

Trade process

A caution notice will appear when you start a trade with another player. Before you continue, you must admit it. The trade window will then appear in the game. On the left, you’ll find your inventory. You will place your things in the upper window, while the other trader will place their items in the lower window. Trading is limited to 12 items per trader in the game.

When you’re ready to make a deal, simply click the trade button. You will be given a five-second notice after the dealer approves the trade. If you are unhappy with the deal in any manner, you have plenty of time to cancel it.

Trading Tips

You can exchange your items to obtain a rare item. To do so, you must trade five items of the same rarity for one random item of a higher rarity.

At last, if you want to master the Rocket League item trading game, make a list of the items you want. And always pay attention to their price changes.

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Is LOLGA a legit Rocket League Trading website?

In this review of Lolga, a Rocket League buy and sell site, we look at if the site is safe, how to contact support and top alternatives!

Is LOLGA a legit Rocket League Trading website? is a secure and legal Rocket League marketplace where you can purchase and sell your stuff. The business has a solid reputation in the community for providing dependable service. We tried out the platform and had a nice time. Everything went smoothly when we bought and sold certain items. In light of these facts, we may conclude that is a legit website.

What platform that LOLGA supports do Rocket League Trading?

For Rocket League items, supports all main platforms. The following platforms’ rocket league items can be found on the site: PC Steam, PlayStation 4 and 5, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One are all available.

What kind of items you can trade on LOLGA

Credits, Bodies, Wheels, Boosts, Antennas, Deals, Toppers, Goal Explosion, Trail, Banners, and Paints are among the Rocket League items available on

About REFUND does not have a clear refund policy, so we had to go through the terms and conditions to figure out what they said regarding returns. If you don’t receive your goods on time or the currency isn’t what you expected, the company will reimburse your money. You will, however, need to call customer service and explain why you need to cancel the transaction. They will return the money within 24 hours after they accept your reason.

Is it safe to use LOLGA for Rocket League Trading?

Lolga is a secure platform that has been certified as safe to use by reputable organizations like Google Safe Browsing and Norton. The website also has a legitimate padlock (SSL) on it, indicating that all traffic on it is completely encrypted. In addition, the organization employs strong encryption technologies and secure payment channels to protect your payment information.

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The Rocket League refers to vehicular soccer just like the computer game. The rocket-powered car is generally controlled by hitting the ball which appears to be much bigger than the rocket-powered car towards the opponent’s goal area with the aim of scoring goals, with features like a devastation derby.

If you recognize what you’re doing, you’ll turn a little number of credits into a gargantuan fortune that you simply could use to get whole fleets of white fennecs together with your eyes closed. the method is straightforward. But the patience and discipline required to grow your fortune are often hard. Down below we’ll run you thru the fundamentals of the way to earn free credits in Rocket League.

How to Get Credits in Rocket League

Find the proper Items and FLIP

The trick to flipping is simple: Check current prices for items that move well and aim to shop for them for 50 to 100 credits under minimum (a smaller deficit will move it quicker) then resell for the medium to a maximum price. meaning if the flare price range on PS4 is 200-300 credits, attempt to buy one for 100 to 150 then flip it for 250-300. Rinse, wash, and repeat. this is often the “meat and potatoes” of the way to get credits in Rocket League.


Negotiation may be a key life skill and one which will repeat benefits even as easily within the virtual world because the real one. Never be afraid to counter-offer. However unlikely your trading partner could be to mention no, it doesn’t cost you anything to undertake. And you’d be surprised, people looking to maneuver their items could be willing to dip a touch below their selling price for the sake of getting the deal done — which only makes for a far better margin on your end.

Understand market dynamics

This means scrolling through group posts and trade sites and just putting eyeballs to price tags. Lap it all up. It’ll are available handy. But don’t take anybody’s price site as gospel — items with high volume and movement are going to be accurately tracked, but harder to sell items are often answer of whack just from a scarcity of reliable data.


When you’re first beginning to urge credits in Rocket League without pulling open the wallet, remember: you’ve gotta start somewhere. Be prepared for a grind. the ideas below will eventually end in thousands of credits — seriously, these are tried and proven recommendations on the way to get credits curated from a number of the game’s richest players — but, within the beginning, it’ll feel slow. Profit growth will compound with time. It’s all about re-investing what you create to form a touch more next time, then a touch more again, and eventually tons more. Every, single, time.

Of course, if you want to get Rocket League Credits easily, going to the online store is the best way.

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Check out the 5 best cars for Rocket League Season 3

Rocket League’s impressive vehicle roster ensures that there is something for everyone. What are the best cars in the game?

Rocket League has one of the highest rankings across all platforms, making it a worldwide fan favorite. Fans who have already played the game know that there are a plethora of cars to browse and collect, and some don’t know where to begin or what to look for. This handy list of the 5 best-ranked cars in the game is here to help. Hope you enjoy the upcoming Rocket League Season 3.


The Marauder is another underappreciated option, and the fact that it is included in Rocket League’s DLC package doesn’t help matters. However, while the exterior does not reveal it, this car is closely related to the Octane, one of the best cars in the game.

This monstrosity of a machine is ideal for defensive plays and serving as a goalie, returning shots before it’s too late. The Marauder’s massive and intimidating appearance may be off-putting to some, and the handling may suffer as a result, but because it’s so massive, it can serve hits like no other and is ideal for defending the goal. This car is a true asset, a true beast, and one to keep an eye out for.


The design of the Mantis is incredible. Its length is ideal for players to defend the ball for an extended period of time, but it is not too long, resulting in excellent handling. It has the best boosting and turning in the game, and its mid-air handling is excellent due to its lean design.

The Mantis is ideal for more defensive gameplay due to its mid-air performance, easy handling, and design. It’s also a lot of fun to drive, and anyone who’s tried it falls in love with it in an instant.


In Rocket League, the Batmobile is the chef’s kiss of vehicles. The design is flawless, eliciting perfect Dark Knight chills. At higher levels, players will see a lot of Batmobiles, which is a very popular choice for a variety of reasons.

It’s the game’s longest car, with an angular design that allows players to make pinpoint accuracy shots like a dream. The Batmobile’s wide and flat body allows it to perform admirably in the air. The Artemis, Centio, and Sentinel are a few cars that are most similar to this beast and thus deserve honorable mentions.


This is the most common car seen in high levels after the Octane. It’s very easy to control, performs well in mid-air, and handles corners perfectly. It has the best of both worlds, performing perfectly on the ground and in the air.

Dominus, on the other hand, appears to be flawless. The Dominus’s elongated front, along with the small details and colors, gives classic muscle car vibes and makes any player feel like a million dollars. This gem is a true asset throughout the game, great for offense and defense, and players remain loyal to it.


The Octane is the most popular car among almost all players, which is surprising given that it is one of the game’s default vehicles. Amateurs and pros alike enjoy this car, and many of them stick with it for the duration of their Rocket League careers. The Octane is the most popular option because it is literally flawless. It has a flawless design, handles like a dream, and fits perfectly into every sharp corner.

The Octane’s design is well thought out, allowing the car to effortlessly maneuver with the ball both on the ground and in the air. Despite the fact that most players enjoy switching between vehicles and experimenting with them, the majority of them return to where they began. It’s one of those rare occasions when a car is both a jack of all trades and a king of all.

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